Can you make a custom wood bike for me?

Yes. At HTech Bikes we are happy to accept the challenge. In addition to our wooden road bikes we have been asked about ebikes, mountain bikes, cyclo-cross, gravel bikes, fixies and even touring bike frames. Full custom frames start from $7000. We also are more than happy to customise our existing road frames to your preferences as there is nothing better than a bike made specially for you. Please contact us to discuss the posibilities.

Do your bike frames have a weight limit?

Yes and No. We build our standard sized frames in 90kg (Size 50, 53cm) and 120kg ratings. Custom made frames are built to suit the rider, we can build a frame to suit any ​riders weight.

How long does an order take from start to finish?

Each order is different. The length of time from start to finish varies depending on many factors including which model you choose. Each frame takes between 2 weeks to 8 weeks to build. Some custom builds have run past the 10 week mark. At HTech Bikes we will not sacrifice safety and quality to save time.

Can I buy a frame when I don't live in Australia?

Yes. We will ship your frame/bike to you wherever you live.

Why is your shipping so high?

Unfortunately, postage companies charge higher for heavier and bulkier shipments. Although a bicycle frame is a relatively light package, it's a large, odd shaped item for carriers to ship. Because of its size carriers charge more, HTech Bikes makes every effort to ensure shipping rates are as accurate as possible.

If I buy an HTech can I race it?

At your local club yes, our wooden bike frames are more than capable of beating a carbon frame. Currently we do not have UCI approval for our frames; however, we are looking to do this in the future, however currently we do not have enough interest to make it worth the investment. The HTech Aeriform, Svelter and Juncture frames are all designed to UCI frame regulations, so they are race legal.

How heavy is a HTech wooden frame?

The question everybody asks. Every frame is different, and even each of the three woods currently used by HTech Bikes have different weights (even the weight between each tree in the same variety vary greatly). As a guide we aim for around 1.8kg to 2kg for a 90kg rated Aeriform frame.

What if I scratch my bike or ride it in the rain, will it rot?

No. At HTech Bikes we coat our frames with only the best quality coatings available. They are strong, waterproof, UV stable and able to flex with the frame. The coating is able to resist all but the hardest of impacts. The frame will not need to be recoated under normal usage conditions. If any owner wishes to recoat their frame for whatever reason, this can easily be done by contacting and returning your frame to HTech Bikes.

Is there a warranty on my HTech Bike frame? 

Yes. Click the link to see details of our 5-year frame warranty.

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