All HTech Bikes are designed to perform as good as they look, we produce performance orientated bike frames with unparalleled levels of comfort.

We apply various technologies to our bike frames to make them stiff, aero and comfortable all in one performance bike package. Whilst making use of current bicycle innovations we have also developed our own leading technology that will change wooden bicycle building.

A lot of design goes into each frame - the geometry, tube profiles and carbon layup along with numerous other considerations to create a wood bike frame that’s without compromise.

Jarrah Wooden Bicycle

Selective Carbon Reinforcement (SCR)

Selective Carbon Reinforcement is a process HTech Bikes has developed to change the way wooden bikes are perceived and ridden.

Read SCR in Detail

HTech Interlocking Frame Architecture (HIFA)

Borrowed from the car industry HTech have designed a single platform on which our frames are based. Creating a base shape and features such as our Isoloc joints to be implemented across all our frames. This allows HTech Bikes to carry over the same performance credentials to each frame, yet provide the differences needed for every bike.


HTech Bikes now use Isoloc joints for our frames rather than the standard wooden bike finger joint. Stronger and larger than finger joints, Isoloc joints provide more frame design freedom, stronger frames as well as improvements in frame manufacturing quality and efficiency.


The sole purpose of the HTech ONEFRAME is to reduce weight and frame intricacy. By building the bike frame as a monocoque, excess weight is removed from joints and internal cables are easily installed within the frame.

Advanced Aerodynamics

Wood is one of the world’s strongest natural products, making it ideal for building bicycle frames. As with carbon, wood can be formed into nearly any shape. Advanced Aerodynamics is applied across the whole frameset, adjusting each tube shape to maximize its aerodynamic efficiency while retaining the desired stiffness and weight.

Reinforced Hardwood Dropouts (RHD)

The joint between a wooden frame and metal dropouts is the weakest point of a wooden bicycle. HTech have engineered Reinforced Hardwood Dropouts, integrating them into the structure of the bike in lieu of bolting them on the side. This increases the strength of the joint, as they have a larger fixing area. RHD are composed of hardwood and carbon fibre, designed to add strength, reduce weight and to the overall look of the bike frame.


HTech bikes use a carbon fibre PF86 bottom bracket. By making the bottom bracket 86mm all the connecting tubes can be widened, improving stiffness throughout the whole bicycle. It additionally preserves weight by not needing a threaded metal insert to house the bearing cups.

Asymetrical Chainstays

Widening the bottom bracket provides extra space to widen the chain stay on the left side frame. By having the left chain stay larger it increases rear triangle stiffness of the bike while reducing the overall weight.

Internal Cable Routing

Internal cable routing reduces unsightly cables on the exterior of the bicycle. More importantly they reduce aerodynamic drag. By fitting them internally they are hidden from view and the wind.

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