Timber's natural ability to be formed into any shape makes it the perfect material for bicycle frame building. The multi-density layers of wood (seen as light and dark rings) act to cancel out road vibrations, creating a super smooth ride perfect for the Australian road conditions. Wood is also a naturally rigid and sturdy material, making our frames stiff so you can power up that local hill.
Every one of our wooden bikes is handcrafted in Perth, Australia from locally sourced hardwood timber. They are each as unique as the buyer and can be custom made to each individual buyer’s requirements for frame size, bike handling, comfort and appearance. Each and every HTech Bike model is designed for a combination of incredible aerodynamics, high stiffness and low weight.
You'll stand out from the peloton as the only one with a wooden bike made with the deep red of jarrah, the honey golden of marri, the high lustre of blackbutt. With its high gloss clear finish, you can see every wave in the grain. You won't just be noticed as ride along on your HTech. You'll be envied.

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