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HTech Bikes can be custom made to each individual buyer’s requirements for frame size, comfort and appearance, creating a truly unique bike. We are happy to accept the challenge of a one off custom wooden bicycle frame just for you. In addition to our wooden road bikes we have been asked about eBike, mountain bikes, cyclo-cross, gravel bikes, fixies and even touring bike frames. The limit is your imagination.

Please contact us to discuss your plans and ideas. As no other bicycle frame building material is diverse as wood. Nothing can compare to a wooden bikes amazingly, smooth and quiet ride that has to be felt to be fully appreciated or just the look of riding on a fine, well-crafted piece of furniture.

Have your Custom Wooden Bike in 4 Easy Steps

1. Every frame starts with feasibility check as we get more details on the bike we will decide if it can be built, if any changes need to be made to what you want and an estimate of the cost.

2. If you would like to proceed we will then take a deposit which will get you a slot in our build queue and we will start the design of the cad models needed for your frame, every custom frame needs a CAD model specific to it, so due to the considerable time and work this can only be done after a deposit has been made. A more accurate estimated price will be provided to you at this time also.

3. When the finished design is approved by you and your build slot comes up, we will ask for 50% of the estimated cost, we will then begin construction of your frame. Build times vary and depend on the design, we will be able to give you an estimate after the design has been approved, and keep you updated throughout the build progress of your frame.

4. After your frame is finished it will (complete bikes will be assembled and tuned) go through a final inspection. We will provide you with the exact finished cost and ask the remainder be paid, after which we will ship your new HTech Bike direct to your door.

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