Built to be Ridden

HTech Bikes manufacture road bikes made from a blend of wood and carbon fibre. Every frame is handcrafted by our master woodworkers in Perth, Western Australia from local hardwood timbers used for their strength, durability and looks.

Our frames are hand built with woodworking precision and finesse to create the perfect bike frame. Wooden bikes offer supreme comfort because of wood’s natural ability to dampen road vibrations. The addition of carbon fibre reinforcing provides incomparable strength and added safety.

Clamped Wooden Bicycle Chainstay

Selection of Timber

Every HTech frameset build commences with local West Australain hardwood timbers, carefully selected for their individual colouring, grain direction and moisture content to create the perfect wooden bike. The grain direction and moisture content can alter the performance of the finished frame, creating a unique bike for every owner.


All our frames are glued using a range of industrial epoxies. We use 7 different combinations and types of epoxy, tailoring each one to suit the application, increasing strength while reducing weight and build time.

Internal Shaping

When most the frame components are glued together the internal routing begins, every frame is machined out to within a tolerance of 0.1mm, to create a hollow frame that’s lightweight. HTech ONEFRAME technology produces one completely hollow bike frame once joined.

External Shaping

The external machining shapes the components to their final outside profile, also done to within 0.1mm. This is so the final wall thickness is the appropriate size and form for maximum aerodynamics and stiffness of the completed frame.


Over 16 hours are devoted to sanding each frame to a perfectly smooth finish, to reveal each individual frame’s natural timber beauty. The individual grain of each bike frame is like a unique fingerprint, every bike has it's own DNA.


Multiple coats of automotive clear coat are applied, creating amazing high gloss, mirror like finish. Our coatings are extremely strong and resilient flexing with the frameset, preventing cracking. It's thus able to withstand the Australia's harsh climate.

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